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Ana Carolina Moreno is an Artist and Architect  born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970.

She holds a degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela U.C.V. and studied Fine Arts at the University of Iowa, United States.

Her Fine Art Studies in the U.S. combined with an incredible sensibility; has given her the great opportunity to develop her unique art pieces. With over twenty five years of experience in the art field, she proudly presents her artworks in many galleries, museums and art centers in United States, Europe and Asia. 

She founded in 2007 an art educational center in Miami, Florida and have successfully offered enrichment art workshops for adults and children for over 15 years. She proudly works as an art instructor and a therapeutic art coach in Miami. 

Ana's favorite medias are the sculpture and the mixed media painting.

She specialized in Zen art and holds yearly exhibits in Korea & the People Republic of China.

Ana Carolina's NFT Gallery 

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Instagram account @artbyanamoreno

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Ana C. Moreno는1970 년 베네수엘라에서 태어난 아티스트이며 미국에서 미술을 공부했고, 그녀의 혼합 미디어 작품을 성공적으로 아시아, 유럽, 미국에서 전시하고 있다. 그녀는 캔버스에 연못 물고기의 삶을 표현한다.

Ana Carolina Moreno,1970年诞生于委内瑞拉的加拉加斯,是一名优秀的艺术家和建筑师。她毕业于加拉加斯的建筑专业,而后在美国的爱荷华州大学学习美术。对于美术的认知和敏感引领着她创造了一系列令人惊艳的粘土和金属雕塑以及多媒体艺术品。凭着自己在艺术领域20多年的研究,她成功地在美国、荷兰和欧洲的许多画廊展览自己骄人的作品。雕塑家Marisol Escobar对Ana赞不绝口,称她是迷一般的画者。


"Her philosophy in art is that every piece she creates

should have a part or impression of her soul".

As an art lover she has always been very sensitive to the

nature and its different ways of expression.

Organizations the Artist belongs to:

Member of the National League of American Pen Woman

Member of the National Art Education Association

Educator and Director at Art Atelier Inc

Former Director at Biennale Wynwood

Director of the organization Art Center Miami



Merit Scholarships and Internships

1995- The Architect Ana C. Moreno was awarded by the University of Iowa, with a scholarship to study Fine Arts.

1994- The United Nations in conjunction with the Indonesian Embassy awarded Ana C. Moreno to participate in an Internship of Art in Architecture in Surabaya, Indonesia.

1992- The Universidad Central de Venezuela awarded Ana C. Moreno with the honor to participate in the internship at Bonn Germany, on Architecture and Urbanism.

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